Little Magic Shop

You are a young witch who has just graduated from the School of Magic. You decided to fulfill your dream and move to a small town to open your own Magic Shop. You have to brew a lot of potions for a variety of purposes, to accept new customers and maintain good relations with them, so that they always come back to you. If your friendship with them is high, they will be willing to pay more for your potions. All sorts of people will come to your shop, some of them will wish you well and will want to be friends with you, others may try to prevent you from doing so.

★ Kid's game with causal idle gameplay.
★ No annoying ads!
★ Game for girls and boys of any age
★ Free game
★Multi-language support: English, Russian. In the future we will add French, German, Japanese, etc.
★Choose a suitable outfit. Available over 100 attributes: various costumes, hats, magic wands, cosmetics and hairstyles.
★ Every witch should have his own familiar. Get yourself a magic toad or a black cat.
★ Dress up your pet as you wish.
★ Help customers and make friends with them.
★ Complete the arcade and get a new game mode - arcade. Set new records to become the best!
★ Get a new friend Eric, a strange guy who will be ready to help you with everything.
★ Hire in your shop a new employee - girl-herbalist Vivi.
★ Get your quest rewards
★ Try to make friends with the powerful vampire Remis, who is afraid of the whole city.
★ Upgrade your magic skills to quickly craft potions and sell them more expensive! But be careful, such work takes a lot of strength and magical energy, which will recover itself with time, or if you drink a special rare elixir.
★ In the city with all the magic runs a special witch Order, which will not allow anyone to conjure, except themselves. One of the witches, arrogant Ashi, will stop you from doing your job.
★ You will have a chance to stand up for yourself before the witch of this Order and fight with her for the right to be in this city. True friends will help with this.
★ Play and earn achievements.
★ Save your progress in the cloud and recover it if you change your device


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